200 Middleboro Rd Rte 18
East Freetown, MA 02717
Phone: 508-916-1089
E-mail: info@quittacasfarm.com


Welcome to the Quittacas Farm website!

Quittacas Farm was established in 1984. The farm is run by a mother and daughter team of Gail Camara-Marks and Jillian Marks.

Here at Quittacas Farm, we practice sustainable agriculture. What is sustainable agriculture you ask? Sustainable agriculture promotes the long-term well-being of farms and society. This farming practice takes into consideration the ecological conditions of the soil, nutrient cycles, composting, and uses crop rotation as a means to get the freshest produce to the community. It is a means for the mutual benefit of the local farm and the local consumer.

Due to time, labor, and land constraints, there may be times that we will supplement what we have raised with products from other Massachusetts farms. If that situation should arise, we will identify those products to you.

We Pledge, to you, the consumer, that our products are grown and raised without the use of chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and hormone shots.